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Oil and Gas Litigation

Oil and gas litigation usually means document-intensive and expert-driven litigation, with heavy involvement of mathematical models (for measurement, pricing, and damages). Holmes PLLC has experienced decades’ worth of litigation, on both defense and plaintiff sides, in various upstream and midstream disputes.

Substantial Experience with Oil and Gas Litigation

James Holmes built his reputation in oil and gas litigation by working from 2000-2010 to study Amoco’s and Shell’s legacy Permian Basin properties, acquired by Occidental Permian Ltd. (OPL) in 2001. James spent many years challenging large oil companies’ gas-plant accounting practices in various courts of West Texas and eastern New Mexico.

This litigation experience involved daily work in the American oil and gas industry’s most elevated and, in many ways, most clandestine gas-processing arrangements. James learned much about the interdependency of gas plants and mature oil reservoirs; cradle-to-grave marketing arrangements for gas-well gas, casinghead gas and crude oil; and many enhanced oil recovery techniques and practices.

A Wealth of Knowledge and Industry Contacts

Although he now very selectively engages in gas-plant litigation with large oil companies, the experience during 2000-2010 will benefit James for the remainder of his career. He has (a) an intimate knowledge of upstream revenue and taxation accounting practices; (b) industry contacts for making markets for oil and gas; and (c) a motivation, whenever possible, to work profitably with large oil companies and pipeline companies rather than to carry on disputes with them in courthouses.

His unique insight and approach to upstream disputes enable his clients to obtain superior results via efficient litigation or, often, via the threat of litigation.

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