Focused. Skilled. Efficient.

Business Litigation

Holmes PLLC primarily handles legal disputes involving oil and gas litigation, contract disputes, business tort litigation, and real estate litigation, regularly obtaining superior results for its clients.

The Firm accomplishes discovery and pre-trial motion practice in the most cost-effective manner possible, finds the best experts for any given subject matter, and seeks each case’s turning point either at summary judgment, expert challenges, or trial.

If cases are not resolved before trial, the Firm tries each case on a thorough and solid record before a jury or to the bench – because the Firm strives to protect its clients’ rights during the all-important appellate process.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

The Firm is sensitive to its clients’ concerns over the costs of litigation. Having worked for most of 1996 through 2010 doing plaintiff’s side contingency-fee work – and facing many demanding circumstances – James Holmes learned those litigation practices that promote efficiency and avoid wastefulness.

Holmes utilizes those same practices for the Firm’s current clients and demands an efficient-litigation and cost-sensitive approach from those attorneys and assistants working on his team.

Contact the Firm

For knowledgeable counsel regarding all litigation matters, call the Firm’s Dallas office at 945-218-2221 or use the online contact form.